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The cross border regions of the Prefecture of Epirus and the District of Gjirokastra have a rich cultural heritage partially recorded in books, artifacts and folk songs. However, there is a lack of digitized material and an impeding need to provide modern access to this wealth of cultural content as well as to be in synch with similar activities in Europe. The municipality of Gjirokastra and the public library of Konitsa have identified this need and with the cooperation of the University of Ioannina propose to build Balkaneana.

Balkaneana will digitize valuable content from the Public Library of Konitsa, the Municipal Library of Gjirokastra and the overall cross border region, will modernize the facilities and the service model of both libraries through novel technologies and paradigms, In addition, the project will create added value for the growth of the two participating regions using as disseminating platform the Europeana portal.

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